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December 29, 2009
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PDA: JAE XANG by MonkeyTheMan PDA: JAE XANG by MonkeyTheMan
Name: Jae Xang (J for short)

Age: 18

Weapon: Wears gloves if fighting. Uses Martial Arts.

Persona: Stribog "Lord of the Eight Winds"

Arcana: The Justice

Abilities: Wind Magic and Support spells (Status increase)

Team: The Velvet Night Brigade - [link]

Mask - The persona has no face. It does not mean it is blind. It does not take sides and cares not what others think. Based on Jae's perspective on the world.

Coat - The persona wears a cloak. Represent Jae's status coming from a wealthy family, however, it is not decorated and tattered at the bottom. Jae left his home to find struggles and to find a strong path.

Others - The swirls on the legs of the Persona represents Jae's status as a martial artist. It too contains strength in physical status. However, the swirls bounded around them also represents Jae's need for improvement.

A freelance photographer. He takes a chance at a new life after leaving his family and relatives. He likes to meet new people and trying something different.

Jae is usually calm and cool. He only fights back if he is attacked or in prescene of danger. He doesn't jump into situations straight on, instead he looks for easier alternatives.

Jae is always careful in making decisions. He never shows any prejudice or narrow sided views. He makes careful research and understanding before making any choices.

Comes from a strong background in Martial Arts. Nicknamed "The Hurricane" due to his quick movement and powerful blows. Practices Taekwondo and Karate.

Skill List:
Atom Smasher: Damages all enemies, chance to cause fear (medium) - %16 HP
Diarama: Recovers HP (single) (medium)
Magarula: Wind damage on all enemies (medium)
Masukukaja: Increase allies AGI & HIT (buff)
Marakukaja: Increase allies DEF & MAG DEF (buff)

Wind Amp - Increase wind damage output by 50%
Resist Elec - Reduce damage from electric attacks

Hurricane Macabare: Damages all enemies from one to three times (medium). Wind element. High chance of silence.

Absorbs: Wind
Weak: Electric
Best Buddies with Nana-kun - [link]

Good Friends with KK - [link]

PDA (c) :iconpersona-da:
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DasWiener Aug 2, 2011   Digital Artist
Very cool Persona. Probably one of my favorite Personas out of the group.
Nice looking character and neat persona, really sleek looking.
I'm kind of surprised that no one mentioned this but... 'Martial Arts' and 'Marital Arts' mean two very different things. ...And while he could still be skilled in marital arts, it's not the kind of thing you use to fight people.
Oh Shi- XD
My bad... Mistake there :work:
VSConcepts Feb 12, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
It's cool looking man. Very cool looking...
QC Ahoy!

Profile issues:
The arcana listed in the profile sheet needs bringing into line with the arcana stated in the comments 'The Justice'.

In line with the new rule subsection, I'll have to ask for this to be listed whenever you've got time.

Skills issues:
Hurricane macabre needs listing as what it is - element spell, physical etc. and to have a damage type listed - low damage, medium, high etc..

Also 70% nat. ailment is hugely steep for anything, since the normal for an attack add-on is 15% unboosted.

Affinities issues:
You have 2 nulls, 1 absorb and 1 weakness. In line with the rules stated in the journals all along, you'll need to either:
pick two more weaknesses, or to drop those two nulls, or anything else in line with these.
I will update them when I have time...
Sorry, made an error on the nulls thing. I'll have to ask for the nulls to be removed/downgraded in line with the current rules.
absolutely excellent detail.
MidnightPurpleDragon Jan 6, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
did u use a special program for making them look digital like that cuz i don't have programing for it and im afraid to join because of that
Wildwielder Jan 5, 2010  Student General Artist
cool looking dude, along with a cool looking persona.

Perfect match XD
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