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January 19, 2008
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SDL_Shidae V2 by MonkeyTheMan SDL_Shidae V2 by MonkeyTheMan

Age: 22 (refuse to tell of his age)
Likes: Training, Cleaning his swords
Dis-Likes: Annoyance, Weaklings, Thugs

Main Weapons:
Raijin (Known as "Blade of the thunder god"): A memento of his master. Rarely uses it.

Shizengouki: A shortened nodachi. It has a mechinism that allows itself to double it's length. The blade is also very sharp and can cut through air like paper. It is sometimes nicknamed as "Gleam"

Kazoe: A forever razor sharp knife that can nearly cut through anything. Special technique is used when wielding this knife. Special occasions only for "Death".



Shidae's past is a complete mystery...
His only motive now is obtain power and eliminate anyone who gets in his path.

Cold-hearted, Calm, and Unemotional. Shidae can be downright cruel and unforgiving. He hates the society of money, lust, and greed.

On the other hand, Shidae can have a change of heart. He'll turn his back on the fight usually when his opponent can no longer fight... or perhaps something that triggers warmth in his heart...

Shidae takes his training seriously, making him an extremely dangerous character to fight against. In battle, he is very careful and always stays one step ahead...

He can kill people without any mercy, however... he does not kill without a reason. So deathmatches are rarely seen...

Calm and cool, he never changes his expression. He only gives empty cold stares. He rarely speaks, but when he does... he is respectful and truthful, yet cold and direct.

Fighting Style:
Iaido: A swordplay that is referred "cutting while unsheathing the blade." Shidae hones this skill to perfection.

Sakabatō : A swordplay refers to (reverse-blade sword) which he is currently using during the duels. He mostly combines this technique with Iaido.

Shinkendo: A swordplay that is referred "Way of the Serious Sword." Shidae is very skilled with the blade. He is very serious and very lethal in swordplay.

Shinken Iaido: A combination of high level Iaido and Shinken style. The style is focused deeply on speed, timing, and instant destruction of it's enemies.

Daito Harakiri: Refers to the meaning of (Long Sword Cutting Soul). A technique rarely seen, it is noted that Shidae's blade becomes so long, that it can cut through anything and cannot be seen by the normal eyes.


Martial Arts:

Gouryuuken: (Strong Dragon Fist) - Completely relies on raw power. Palms, Fists and Claw are enforced with pure strength, easily shattering hard concrete floors/walls. It also highly strengthens the value of the arms, making them strong enough to deflect bone-breaking blows.

Lijuan Chun: (Beautiful, Graceful Spring) - During his travels in China. Shidae was facisnated by the soft, swift, steady styles of Chinese martial arts. This style focused on movement, countering, and balance. This style was learned from a friend and former sifu.

Muay Ruthai: (Heart and Mind Boxing) - Once travelled in ancient lands of Thailand. He came across a group of people, who practiced ancient styles of boxing. Forbidden techniques never to be shown in the outside world. Shidae was taught with the basics with these ancient styles. He futher developed his own interpetations. The name refers to a woman who happened to live with these people.

*Deathmatch Only*

Ikken Ansatsu: (One Strike Assassination)
A martial art that focuses on "The Kill". This requires no weapon and simply uses the hand to speak for death itself. Techniques that concentrates on instant kill, aiming at vital points or vunerabilities.

Shinsoku Chokushi: (God-Speed Direct Death)
A unique and deadly technique. It combines tremendous and monsterous speed in both the weapon and wielder. The body of the wielder also goes into an 'Active Mode', allowing him/her to move at with unmatched agility and quickness.

Other Information:
Shidae is highly trained in combat. He knows both the weapon and martial arts. He has trained effortlessly to gain absolute knowledge... for knowledge is power.

He has traveled the world before... He knows quite a bit of the world and still yearns to know more.

New Reference: [link] (WIP)

W-L-F: 14-2-0

SDL by :iconroninsultramix:

Older version here: [link]

SDLC Version: [link]
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Tofubeast Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2009
Oh man, another iaido fighter. I remember seeing your guy before, but I haven't really taken a closer look at him until now.
MonkeyTheMan Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2009
He has several other sword styles... both foreign and local. He happens to like Iaido since it makes him look so AWESOME... XD
IVANPS Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
I would like to duel him on this winter ^_^ note me if you are interested!
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Dragon-Knight333 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2008
Very awesome character. I like how you explained his techniques as well =)
Mailus Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2008
Vet very cool man...One of the few that I really like...And is the first time I have seen it...Is he interested on joining a team?...I think the 7 sins [link] will be really proud to have him :)

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sinpumpkin Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2008
thanks again for the challenge, I read your other entry's and I got the impression that this character is really buff. You wouldn't mind spilling out some weaknesses or other info I might be able to use would you? Anything helps friend :)
AbsoluteZero09 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2008
That's awesome! You did a great job coming up with this character and his background.
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Mad-Plot-Bunny Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2008  Student General Artist
Soo...badass. Maybe we can duel sometime.
lenguadegato Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2008   Filmographer
he looks cool~ :wow:
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best samurai :D
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